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Q1.How Much does it cost?

The price is $25 per child with a mimum of 10 children

Q2.How do I book a party what is the procedure and how much is the deposit?

In order to book your party you can call our store on PH:82990344 to find out if your date and time is available. To secure your party we require the $50.00 deposit and the booking form completed and returned. If you dont want to phone our store you can pop into our store and have a look at the party rooms and complete the booking form and pick up your invitations

Q3.What is the maximum number of children allowed?

We have a standard package of minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 18.. However we can arrange a larger party of up to 30 children by special request..(these are at specific times and subject to special terms and conditions). Please note if you wanted a larger party you must book well in advance to ensure times are available.

Q4.Can I bring food and drink to a party?

We allow you to bring 1x  platter of food for the children. But we have a strict rule of NO fruit, nuts or fish (sushi) (some children are allergic)or messy food..( like mud cake or cheezels) We do not allow drinks as drinks are provided. Please note at LAYGO we do not focus on food and LEGO is our prime focus. There is no allocated time for eating food other than when they eat the birthday cake. The Important thing to remember is that a LAYGO party goes for 1.5 hours.

Q5. Are 4 year olds allowed to come as a Party guest?

Yes 4 year olds are allowed to come as a guest in fact that is the youngest age allowed at a LAYGO Party

Q6. We have younger siblings that we want to bring along, what can we do?

We understand that the birthday child may have younger relatives that are 3 years and younger. They can attend .. however, because LEGO pieces are so small and hazardous to younger children, they cannot be involved in the actual LEGO party. For liability reasons we allow no more than 4 juniors to attend. So that they do not feel left out we can arrange for a table of DUPLO for them in the parents lounge and you can purchase a party bag for them. But CHILDREN 3 AND YOUNGER ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH THE SMALLER LEGO PIECES.

Q7. My son is 4 and really wants a party can he have one?

No,  LAYGO has a strict policy that parties are limited to children celebrating their 5th birthday or older.

Q8. Is it okay if I only have 9 children?  

No problems at all although you will be charged our minimum requirement of 10 children.

Q10. What is included?

Invitations for you to give to your guests.

Party Bags.

Unlimited water and cordial.

Prizes for the games that are played

Party host that runs your party for you.

Crisps and lollies as snacks.

Party hats.

Plates spoons and serviettes for the cake at the end.

Free tea and coffee for the parents.

1.5 hours of Lego building fun in our awesome party room.