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In-Store LEGO® Fun & Mobile Fun
1&1/2 hour sessions - children get to play with thousands of LEGO® parts, making their own creations.
A Staff member is always on hand to supervise and provide help with LEGO®..

This is a great opportunity for Teachers & Care-givers to play along side with the children in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

LAYGO provides unique and memorable moments for children  any time of the year..

Coming to our venue, you will find an incredible LEGO® themed atmosphere, with thousands of LEGO® pieces.

If we come to you we bring along friendly staff and thousands of LEGO® to play with - you don't even need to leave your premises the fun comes to you!  
LEGO® encourages children to build skills by developing problem-solving, organization, and planning by construction.

It also improves creativity,  enhances communication and critical thinking and  boosts childrens motor development. 

 One brick at a time!
Unlike some school holiday activities  LEGO® is NOT weather permitting - LAYGO fun will go on regardless of the weather.
Complimentary Tea & Coffee is available for Teachers & Care-givers  when booking our in-store fun.

Please contact one of our friendly staff for pricing and availability.